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  • ◆Huawei and Z■T

    last y■ear under a simplif◆ied review p◆rocedure.The new fi〓rm aims to● enable Huawe◆i to compete with te■chnology gian〓ts such as Hewlett?/p> European U

    E Corp are ?/h2>
    餴n a better positi◆on than t

    ?Packard a●nd IBM. It〓 will als

    o pro●vide a fresh ◆boost for Syma●ntec's sec●urity and dat◆a management busi●ness.The global ma○rket for the● storage an◆d Internet saf●ety

    heir fo○reign counter◆parts

    industry was es○timated at 23〓 billio

    n U.S.◆ dollars, with ◆the Chinese mar◆ket accounting fo〓r 1.1 bill○ion U.S. dollars.Chi●na's telecom networ●k equipment gi〓ant Huawei Techno〓logies and US se●curity software make■r Symantec〓 have launched ■a joint venture in s●outhwest Ch○ina.The new com◆pany

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    , named ■Huawei-Symante○c, is based in C●he

    ngdu in sou●thwestern S〓ichuan Province. ○Huawei owns 51 p■ercent of the join○t venture, whil○e Symantec hol◆ds the remainin○g 49 percent.Related● Video:China's t○elecom network e●quipment giant◆ Huawei Technologie○s and US security ○software m●aker Syman●tec have launched◆ a joint ventu●re in southwes◆t Chi

    na.The new c◆ompany, named Hua◆wei-Symante●c, is based i●n Chengdu in southw○estern Sic●huan Provi◆nce. Huawei ow◆ns 51 percent of◆ the joint

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  • ●ng mar

    ventur〓e, while Symantec h◆olds the r

    ●emaining 49 per○cent.Related Video:○A touch of futu■re with cut◆ting-edge Chinese te〓chnologies ●at Mobile World Cong●ressA touch of○ future with cutt〓ing-edge Chinese ○technologies at Mo●bile World C●ongressA touch○ of future with■ cutting-edge Ch■inese technologies ●at Mobile World Cong〓ress02-28-2018 ■10:45 BJTBARCELO○NA, Feb. 27 (Xin■hua) -- Just by putt●ing on a blac◆k helmet, a backpa■ck and a pair o〓f gloves, Hose Aq〓uinas made his● personal history o●f setting his own fe●et on the "mo〓on"."My dream has◆ come true, ○and it's so 〓real!" said the ■astoun

    ded Spanish○ businessm■an who was among t◆he scores ●of visitors ●lining up at the 〓Chinese telecommun■ications gi◆ant Huawei's Wireles■s X Labs at the ann■ual Mobile Wor○ld Congress (●MWC) in Barcel●ona, Spain.Dra●wn by the l●atest 5G C■omputer Gr○aphics (CG○) Cloud technol○ogies devel■oped by Hu〓awei and its part〓ners, visi●tors seem m○ore than eager to e■xperience th〓e real-time vir◆tual reality o●f landing ○on the moon in a l〓unar module, op〓ening the door,● walking on th〓e moon surface ●and

    kets and i●mp

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  • southwest China.

    picking up s◆ample rocks.As one■ of t

    he pioneer◆s in the in■dustry, Huaw■ei relocates t◆he process of im◆age rendering to cl◆oud with its CG cl○oud VR demo, allowin◆g VR experience to ●be free of cabl○es used in many○ other VR game○s."I never thoug◆ht my life c●an be changed just◆ like that," Aqui◆na told Xi●nhua, "5G and clo○ud tech

    nologi○es offer so m●any new p

    ossibil●ities."The moon ■landing VR ex■perience is ju◆st a taste of what ○future looks like〓 with G5 and cl●oud technolog○ies. Unlik■e the time of 2●G and 3G, the era 〓of 5G is increasin○gly shaped ○with substa○ntial contr■ibutions fr●om the Chine〓se firms which are m●oving t

    o lead th●e telecommunicat■i

    on industry.At t◆he MWC, Chinese c○ompanies, including● Huawei, ZTE and Al●ibaba, presented 〓the latest techn●ologies and s○olutions for 5G, Al〓l-Cloud network, vid○eo and Internet ●of Things (IoT◆). Huawei alone wil○l launch m■ore than 20 c■utting-edge p◆roducts during◆ the four-day event,◆ including an 〓Intent-driv

  • Th◆e new comp

    en Netwo○rk

    8901 Marmora Road, Glasgow, D04 89GR

    and the AU◆TIN digital O●&M plat〓form, show○casing

    the result■s with its ov◆er 300 partn〓ers in a bi○d to embark on the r○oads to a full◆y-connected● intelligent ●world.

    9863 Mill Road, Cambridge, MG09 99HT

    "5G 〓standards a●nd technologie●s are maturing. As ■mark

    et demand con○tinues to ●grow, Huawei plans〓 to launch a ful●l range of end■-to-end 5G pr○oducts, includi○ng customer p

    Chengdu in■ t

    he southwestern S○ichuan Province, is ■51 percent o○wned by Huawei 〓and 49 percent● by Symantec. I●t features s●ervices in stor●age and Inte●rnet safety◆.Huawei will pro〓vide technical sup●port and a ■750-member engi○neering team〓, while Symantec wil○l offer softwar〓e permission in sto●rage and In●ternet safety, as w■ell as 150 million〓 U.S. dollars in ●investment.The deal ●received the〓 green light from t●he Eu

    ropean Commi●

    ssion, the a
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    og■ of Clear Send
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    remis〓e equipment, to he●lp carriers

    get a● head start on 5G■," said Ken Hu, Huaw◆ei Rotating CEO."The■ ultimate go●al is to build a fu●lly connected, intel●ligent world," H○u said.At 〓Huawei's 6,300-sq●uare-km futuristi●c main boo■th under a b●lue lighte●d ceiling, th〓rongs of visito◆rs are kee◆n to experience va●rious innov●ative

    products and○ solutions, i〓ncluding its■ slim and sleek 5●G base station an◆d a smart cit●y model with water s〓upply, sharing bicy〓cle, manhole co■ver and street ○parking al■l fully intel○ligently connected.○"Life coul●d be so much differe〓nt with thes◆e technolo〓gies," said

    B●ritish visitor Kerr■y Robinson. "Like ◆this smart manhole◆ cover really ans●wers the qu○estions that I h■ave been askin

    g for〓 many years." ◆The unhoped r○emoval of ma

    nho〓le cover, like● being stolen or ●washed away in a 〓flood, poses a dea●dly threat f●or residents. ●But as part of I●oT, the changing ◆status of ■the manhole cove●r is closely monito◆red in real ti〓me and can issue 〓a warning when remov○ed unexpectedl●y.Another indus■try leader,◆ Alibaba Clou〓d, the largest

    clo●ud partner in● China, also l〓aunched an arr●ay of cloud ○and AI products■ and solutions at ●the MWC, ranging ○from big d◆ata and artificial■ intelligence to● infrastructure, ◆security and privat○e cloud solutions. ●The key prod■ucts inclu○de Image Se○arch solution〓s that

    allo●w users to sea○rch for inf●ormation on■line and offlin■e using images, and ○Intelligent Service◆s Robot, a ch●atbot for busi●ness."Alibaba ◆Cloud wants t●o be an enabl◆er for technol■ogy innovati〓on in Europ●e helpin

    g en〓terprises do busines○s. The Mobi◆le World Congres■s in Barcelona is a ◆great oppo○rtunity for 〓us to refresh ●our E